Medical Opium

Goverment Opium Alkaloid Factory Lahore

  • The Government Opium Alkaloid Factory is only a factory of its nature in Pakistan which is manufacturing under rule 28 of the Punjab Prohibition (Enforcement and Hadd) Rules, 1979 and Section 6 of the Control of Narcotics Substance Act, 1997.
  • For functioning of Opium Factory, the Director General, E&T, Punjab is the competent authority who has issued/ granted license in favour of Govt. Opium Alkaliod Factory, Lahore.
  • The Government Opium Alkaloid Factory Lahore will receive confiscated opium from all the Law Enforcing Agencies throughout Pakistan under the existing orders of CGO/ instruction issued by the Government of the Punjab, E&T Department from time to time in this regard.
  • The Excise opium powder will be used for the manufacturing of opium tablets.
  • The opium tablets shall be got manufactured from the contractor duly approved by the Excise & Taxation Department in the premises of Govt. Opium Factory.
  • The opium tablets will be supplied to different Districts as per requisition of concerned ETO/DET for sale to hardcore addicts.
  • At present the Opium Alkaloid Factory, Lahore is dysfunctional. The concerned agencies have stopped the supply of confiscated opium to the Opium Factory. Resultantly the stock of opium has been completely exhausted and now the opium factory is not in a position to fulfill the requirements of Unani Firms/ Dawakhanas and Hardcore patients.
  • The Hall is being used as Godown wherein million of motor vehicles files are kept for safety purposes. Rooms are also used as Stores and the previous files/ record is not kept in a proper manner. On the other hand, the Finance Department has not allocated funds for the years, 2012-13, to-date except salary of staff.

Requirement for Functioning of the Opium Factory

  • Allocation of Funds by Finance Department to purchase confiscated opium and to pay cost of manufacturing of tablets
  • Proper space for storage of confiscated opium and manufacturing of opium tablets and also premises for converting opium into powder
  • Award of contract to the contractor
  • Re-allocation of staff
  • Demand of confiscated opium from different Law Enforcement Agencies like Coast Guards, Customs and Rangers to the Opium Factory