Dealer Vehicle Registration System

In the recent past Excise Taxation and Anti-Narcotics department has taken many initiatives which were focused for convenience of its clientage and improving Government Revenue. One of these initiatives is a project with a name of “Traffic Reforms in Punjab”. An important component of this project is dealer vehicle registration system (DVRS). The main objective of this system is to eliminate phenomena of plying of un registered vehicles and to provide maximum convenience to the purchaser of motor vehicles. For this purpose the department has taken well reputed dealers having good standing in the market as there partners. These dealers will be given license under the Punjab Motor Vehicle transaction Licensees Act 2015. These motor vehicle dealers will be given access to MTMIS Centralized System.

The Punjab government is launching a scheme of registration of new vehicles through automobile dealers. Dealers will take the registration fee and a fixed convenience/service charge from the customer, register the vehicle through the registration system, and issue customers the license plates on the spot


Dealers will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Depositing Dues of the Government
  • Entering the Data regarding Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Deliver registration documents after posting challan to concerned MRA
  • Responsible for maintaining record for 5 years and make it available for audit, along with no violation of rules
  • Do not allow anyone else to use the system and have a safe storage of number plates along with papers
  • Information needs to be completely conveyed, not withhold
  • Display the rates of all dues at dealership point
  • In case of any document is missing licensee will make sure to make available

Eligibility Criteria License

  • Any automobile dealer who is dealing in the business of Cars/Motorcycles for the period of last 3 years
  • Having reasonable office premises and IT infrastructure
  • Do not have any criminal record of any of its directors, members or partners
  • A good credit history report of last six month exhibiting minimum monthly transaction of 3 million rupees

List of Quilified Dealers

Sr. No Dealer Name Contact Person DISTRICTS Category
1 Bari Motors Abdul Bari Lahore All
2 Baig  Motors Irfan Maqbool Baig Lahore Car
3 Ali Motors Abdullah Javed Lahore All
4 Ali Jan Motors Muhammad Javed Khan Lahore All
5 Suzuki Cantt Motors Muhammad Naeem Lahore All
6 Master Motor Engineers Shumail Saigol Lahore All
7 City Car Center Adeel Jabran Lahore Car
8 Honda Gateway (Pvt) Ltd.  Shabana Khalid Lahore Car
9 Toyota Sahara Motors (Pvt) Ltd.  Sheikh Naseem Iqbal Lahore All
10 Hamza Trading Co.  Mian Muhammad Hayat Lahore M/Cycle
11 Al Hassan Honda Hassan Ali Javed Lahore M/Cycle
12 Honda Saeed Palace Saeed Iqbal Lahore M/Cycle
13 Zubair Autos Muneer Ahmad Lahore M/Cycle
14 AS Flour Traders Muhammad Tayyab Sajid Lahore All
15 Toyota Ravi Motors Sheikh Allauddin Lahore All
16 Honda Bahria Town  Imran Sohail Lahore M/Cycle
17 AS Flour Traders Muhammad Tayyab Sajid Rawalpindi M/Cycle
18 Haroon Autos Muhammad Ali Haroon Rawalpindi M/Cycle
19 Sajid Trading Company  ( License Suspended ) Sajid Mehmood Rawalpindi M/Cycle
20 AS Flour Traders Muhammad Tayyab Sajid Multan M/Cycle
21 Shad Autos (Honda) Rao Muhammad Waseem Multan M/Cycle
22 Hashir Autos Abdul Hafeez Multan M/Cycle
23 AS Flour Traders Muhammad Tayyab Sajid Faisalabad M/Cycle
24 Fareed Motors Zohaib Anwar Faisalabad M/Cycle
25 Sufi Auto Corporation Muhammad Afzal Sufi Faisalabad M/Cycle
26 Crown Lifan Centre Kashif Javed Faisalabad M/Cycle
27 Ehsan Fareed Trading Co. Ehsan Fareed D.G KHAN All
28 AS Flour Traders Muhammad Tayyab Sajid D.G KHAN M/Cycle
29 AS Flour Traders Muhammad Tayyab Sajid Bahawalpur M/Cycle
30 Azhar Auto Center Talib Hussain Rahim Yar Khan M/Cycle

How to Apply

  • Submit Application Form-A for Motor vehicle transaction License (Punjab Motor Vehicle transaction Licensee Rules 2015) and deposit PKR.500/- in National Bank of Pakistan through Challan 32-A
  • Deposit license Fee in National Bank of Pakistan through Challan 32-A according to license applied
  • Open Non-Chequeable account in National bank of Pakistan for DVRS transactions
  • Provide Security Fee(bank guarantee) which is refundable
  • Each year Licensee will submit a license renewable fee*
  • Now public will not have to wait for the number plates and hassle to drive non-registered vehicle
  • Number plates will be available at dealership point
  • Easy access to motor vehicle registration services initially available only in Lahore

Fee Chart

Motor Vehicle Transaction License

Security Fee (PKR.)

License Fee (PKR.)

Renewal of License Fee (PKR.)

Authorized dealer, Distributor or Agent

Other Motor Vehicle Dealer

Motor Cars 1,250,000 2,500,000 10,000 4,000
Motorcycles or commercial vehicles 500,000 1,000,000 5,000 5,000
All Categories 1,500,000 3,000,000 20,000 9,000

Public Facilitation The security fee, mentioned in column Nos. 3 and 4 of the table, shall be deposited under the Head "G-11290-Securities Deposits of Firms or Contractors in favor of Director General, Excise and Taxation, Punjab" in any branch of National Bank of Pakistan in the relevant district in cash or in the form of bank guarantee.

Standered Operating Procedure (SOP)

  • Display the rates of taxes, fees and charges Office
  • Licensee will open an non cheque able account for the advance payments of taxes, fees and charges of Government of Punjab
  • Charge the payment only after generating payment challan from the DVR system
  • License holder will complete the transaction immediately after the receipt of payment from the applicant
  • The data Entry will be terminated after 30 min if transaction not completed through payment from the account
  • Licensee bound to submit registration cases to MRA in next working day, otherwise transaction may be suspended
  • Licensee will keep record of documents and number plates and to pay the compensation in case of any loss of documents to vehicle owner

Service Charges

Motor Vehicle Licensee (Dealers or Agents) shall not charge more than given below rates:


Service Charges

Motor Car/Commercial Vehicles   PKR. 2000/-
Motor Cycles/Rickshaw   PKR. 500/-