Future Plan

Enlisted below are the plans which the Department foresee to accomplish:

  • Diversification of platform for value added services like branchless banking services to tax payers
  • Virtual availability of various services to tax payers 24/ 7
  • Online availability of property related data with tax mapping and associated services
  • Tax collection through branchless banking
  • Compulsory registration mechanism of vehicles before delivery
  • Centralization of Data Bases pertaing to motor vehicles
  • computerization of property tax for remaining districts
  • Establishment of kiosks for property tax bills
  • Establishment of 9 facilitaion centers 
  • Issuance of personilzed number plates 
  • Issuance of universal number
  • Issuance of owner based license plates 
  • Issuance automated registration card
  • Integration of database with traffic police for collection of fines 
  • Integration of database with safe city authority for traffic voilation ticketing system
  • E- Auction of Motor Vehicles Registration mark of choice