Auction of Attractive Registration Marks

In order to allocate Attractive Registration Marks in respect of motor vehicles through a transparent manner besides boosting the Government Revenue, an auction policy for allocation of attractive registration marks is hereby made for strict compliance. Link contain serial numbers of the specified series of registration marks in respect of motor vehicles shall be put to open auction at the reserved price mentioned against each. To view the list of Auction Numbers, click here.

Open auction will be held after due publicity. Any registration mark except those detailed above shall be issued to the motor vehicle owners who desire to obtain the same on "first come first serve basis" without sequence at any time during the currency of the series on payment of PKR 2,000/- in respect of series either commencing with district code or district code followed by alphabets A, B, C, D, E, F, H, S, T & U at PKR 200/- in respect of series either commencing with district code followed by alphabets K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, V, W, X, Y and Z. Auction proceedings will be supervised by the following Auction Committee which will finalize each auction proceedings at the spot on same day.

At Divisional Headquarter

The Committee shall be headed by the Director Excise & Taxation with MRA concerned and a representative of the Divisional Commissioner as its member.

At District Level

The committee shall be headed by the MRA concerned with another ETO existing in the same district, if available, and a representative of the District Government not below the rank of BS-17.

Motor Registering Authority

MRA of concerned district may make auction proceedings in following phases

  • All left over registration marks in any auction proceedings shall be offered to the motorists on "first come first serve basis" on reserve price as indicated above or average price of last three auction proceedings, whichever is higher. The available numbers shall be displayed for the information of motorists through printed as well as electronic means specifying reserved price of each number.
  • No reserve price of any registration marks shall be charged from Government owned motor vehicles and motor vehicles owned by the autonomous/semi autonomous and other organizations under the control of Federal or Provincial Government; to be registered under series of registration marks commencing with district code followed by alphabet "G" and "J" respectively. However, Registration numbers 1 to 9 and 786 will be issued with prior consent of the Chief Minister.
  • The auction proceedings may be conducted preferably one week prior to the start of the series.
  • Auction of attractive registration marks shall invariably be held at the district headquarters concerned.
  • Copy of CNIC shall be obtained from the participants of open auction proceedings along with standardized application.
  • Every intending participant of the auction shall deposit cash security equal to reserve price before the start of the proceedings.
  • Auction money/reserve price, as the case may be, will be received immediately after auction proceedings.
  • The owner of the vehicles shall get his vehicle registered within one month of the date of auction or start of the particular series whichever is later.
  • Proper computerized record of registration numbers allotted through open auction bids shall be maintained by the MRA. This record shall, inter alia, contain details of bank deposit receipts and the name of debitor's bank branch. The entries shall invariably be authenticated by the MRA immediately after deposit of amount in cash or transfer of the amount by the debitor's bank, as the case may be.
  • In case, the highest bidder of open auction retracts from the proceedings, the amount of security deposited by him shall be forfeited and the registration mark will again be put to open auction at the end of said auction proceedings.
  • The reserve price or average price of the last three action proceedings and the amount of the highest bid of auction proceedings is to be charged in addition to normal registration fee.
  • The owner has neither any right nor it is lawful for him to display the registration mark allocated in auction merely on the ground of having deposited the auction money. The number is allowed to be displayed only after proper registration of the motor vehicle and issuance of valid registration certificate/booklet.
  • The auctioned registration mark once allotted and registered shall not be transferable to any other vehicle. No change will be allowed for description of vehicle that has been mentioned at the time of auction.
  • The Director Excise & Taxation of the concerned division may cancel any proceedings for auction of any particular number or series giving reasons. He shall also decide all matters relating to allotted attractive registration mark(s), on case to case basis, after examining the matter on merits
  • The Motor Registering Authority after exhaustion the series shall forward the detail of revenue collected through these attractive registration marks alongwith exhaustion certificate of the series by incorporating the detail of blocked numbers, if any, duly authenticated by the concerned Director, Excise & Taxation to the Administrative Department for seeking approval for commencement of the new registration series
  • Any deviation from the policy shall call for strict disciplinary proceedings against the responsible officer/official under the PEEDA Act, 2006.